This site is the musings of a modern, liberal woman who lives and works in a small traditional community. Because I’m eccentric and unpredictable any reader could find something in my blog to be offended about, and I keep this in mind as I use this as a way to communicate all of the things that pop in my head but never make it to my lips. My ideal audience is open-minded and receptive to change. We don’t have to agree about anything -ever- but, I sincerely appreciate individuals who can disagree and still have respect for each other. I think that those who read this blog will learn over time that mutual respect is a key part of who I am as a person and the reason why so many thoughts are not spoken, but instead released here. I spend much of my time working from my home office, inside an 1845 Folk Victorian Mansion with a personality all of it’s own. She is ominous and wise, weathered, positively in need of repair. She groans grumpily at the wind and prefers excessive heat to my discomfort. Nevertheless, her antics have produced some of the most humorous and heartwarming experiences that will become a part of my best writing – thoughts from the old house on the corner of East Main & Day.

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